In today’s social media era, your feed matters. Having a stylish aesthetic is essential to get you more followers.

If you have an uncoordinated (in layman’s term: messy) feed, you most likely won’t get as much as followers.

That’s why aside from the composition, subject, and quality, post-processing is important. If you want your photo to stand out, make sure you’re editing well. Some even go for more lengths such as retouching the whole thing on photoshop or asking a friend on messenger to critic his/her photo.

But you don’t need to do that. Sometimes, a good touch up from a photo editing app like VSCO is enough.

10 Trending VSCO Filter Codes for Your Social Media Profile

With that, we have here the 10 trending VSCO filter codes for your social media profile. Most of these filters are being used by various social media influencers, so you’ll be guaranteed to have a great feed that attracts followers.

Matte Black

This filter is suited if your photos are more on the black and white side. It gives black and white that strong yet stylish vibe.

Strong Yet Light

What’s nice about this filter is it’s clear and sharp, perfect for those photo-centered social network apps like EyesUP.

Hella Colorful

Love taking nature shots or subjects that bring that colorful vibe? Using this filter will enhance your color-filled shots.


Aspiring fashion influencer? This filter might be perfect for your social networking profile.

Vintage Beauty

This looks good on different subjects: streets, portraits, etc. It brings out this vintage yet modern style to it.


If you want your social media feed to look like it’s straight from a book, I suggest you try this one.

Cold and Airy

There something about pale hues that capture you. If you’re more on the pale aesthetic, then you might wanna try this one.

Sharp and Soft

There’s something nice about sharp yet soft photos. Makes you wanna stare into it. This is the whole vibe of this filter code, making it a good filter for light and flatlay photos.


If you want to bring that autumn-vibe on your photo sharing profile, then try this filter code. It’s giving off all the sunny vibes that you can get. Very #VSCOGirl


If you want that soft girl aesthetic, then this pale-with-soft-hues look is something you should go for.

And there you go: the top 10 trending VSCO codes you can use. Start your social networking experience and use these codes to gain more visibility and followers.

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