Social media platforms are the best way to promote an event. It reaches millions of people with just a tap of a button. No need to wave out flyers or spend hefty amounts of money on TV and Outdoor Signs.

Yet despite being able to reach millions of people on social networking platforms, converting people to become attendees of your event is still slim, especially if you don’t know how to make your event stand out from other events.

With that, here are 5 effective tips when promoting your event on social media.

5 Effective Tips When Promoting Your Event on Social Media

Here’s a quick list of the 5 tips, though for in-depth insights, scroll down for more.

  1. Early Promotions
  2. Post Quality Teasers
  3. Work with Influencers
  4. Share Behind-The-Scenes
  5. Conduct Ticket Giveaways

#1: Early Promotions

If you have good materials on hand, then promote your event as early as possible. You want people to be aware of the event, and if its a paid event, you want to give people some window to save up for the ticket prices.

#2: Post Quality Teasers

Aside from promoting early, ensure that the teasers you’re using for promotion are well-made and have all the needed details. If the teasers don’t look good at all, people might perceive it as something sketchy, especially if the event is not yet established.

Also with the teasers, don’t put up details that are not yet confirmed.

Let’s say you’re promoting a gig. When putting up the line-up of musicians, only reveal the musicians that are already signed up for the gig. If you’re putting up artists that are not officially part of the gig, the event might lose its reputation if one of the artists decided to cancel his/her spot.

#3: Work with Influencers

Influencers are good for exposure. If multiple influencers promoted your event, it could stir up some good drama for the event. Just make sure that the influencer you’re picking is related to the niche of your event.

If the event is marketed to working professionals such as a seminar, don’t go picking a beauty influencers just because they have lots of followers– most of their followers are teens and young adults anyway.

#4: Share Behind-The-Scenes

This can get the followers of the event excited, and also a good proof that the event is legit. Photos of rehearsals and stage set-ups are good examples of this. Avoid posting crucial details though such as a significant scene or messenger screenshots.

#5: Conduct Ticket Giveaways

Having a ticket giveaway is one of the most effective ways to promote your event, especially if you know how to utilize it. Make sure to include “tag your friends” as part of the instructions to keep the circulation going.

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