Followers and likes are essential when putting up your social media profile, especially if you’re trying to be a successful social media personality. With that, you should highly check the type of content you’re posting to since it’s one of the main factors that users check before following an account.

With that, here are the 7 tips that you should follow when making a post on social networking platforms. By following these tips, you’ll get to attract more followers and likes, as well as make your profile more relevant than ever.

7 Tips to have a Social Media Post that will Attract Followers and Likes

Here’s the quick rundown of the 7 social media posts, for an in-depth discussion, you can scroll down for more.

  1. Know your Target Audience
  2. Collaborate with Other Creators
  3. Stick to the Brand
  4. Share a Helpful Knowledge
  5. Hop with Trends
  6. Go Original
  7. Ask for Feedback

#1: Know your Target Audience

In the first stage of making a social media profile, it’s easy to get ideas. But most people overlook their target audience.

If you’re trying to be successful in the social media space and get a lot of followers and likes, establish your target audience first. In that way, you’ll get to research more about the interests of your target audience.

#2: Collaborate with Other Creators

Collaborating with other social networking creators will help you garner you more followers, since you will be introduced to another set of viewers, and the same goes for them.

#3: Stick to the Brand

Aim for a themed look, especially if the platform you’re using has a grid feature. It will bring out a specific aesthetic for your profile and will attract followers that prefer your style.

#4: Share a Helpful Knowledge

Aside from creating well-composed shots, it’s nice to share something knowledgable to the crowd. If you have a travel page, share some insights about the places you’ve traveled to and not just some pretty shots of the place.

#5: Hop with Trends

Always check what’s trendy on the social network space. Posting content related to what’s trending will give you the edge since more people are checking what’s trending– thus giving you more visibility.

#6: Go Original

But aside from trending content, figure out an original concept that you can put out. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get to set up a trend.

#7: Ask for Feedback

There’s nothing wrong with asking someone for a critic when posting something. Whether it’s a poem or a photo, you can contact someone on messenger and ask them their initial thoughts about the posts. This will give you a fresh perspective and will help you decide if you’ll do some tweaks or not.

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