woman taking a selfie for followers and likes

7 Tips to have a Social Media Post that will Attract Followers and Likes

Followers and likes are essential when putting up your social media profile, especially if you’re trying to be a successful social media personality. With that, you should highly check the type of content you’re posting to since it’s one of the main factors that users check before following an account. With that, here are the 7 tips that you should follow when making a post on social networking platforms. By following these tips, you’ll get to attract more followers and likes, as well as make Continue Reading

snippet from a social media event

5 Effective Tips When Promoting Your Event on Social Media

Social media platforms are the best way to promote an event. It reaches millions of people with just a tap of a button. No need to wave out flyers or spend hefty amounts of money on TV and Outdoor Signs. Yet despite being able to reach millions of people on social networking platforms, converting people to become attendees of your event is still slim, especially if you don’t know how to make your event stand out from other events. With that, here are 5 effective Continue Reading